How To Prevent Diabetes in Kids

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How To Prevent Diabetes in Children

An adventerous tale about Diabetes Prevention

Kids, Children, Parents, learn how to prevent diabetes.

Teach the importance of diet and diabetes

In fact, you can start to teach your children about eating and illness by reading them stories at an early age.

The psychology of early commercial exposure help got your children into this diabetes predicament and it may can help get them out (to some degree), but it can certainily help some youth avoid diabetes in their future. Therefore, if just one story help one kid, it is worth it.

We can begin by re-programming your kids minds, the proper path may be hidden in reading children's books.

There is a series of Run Tippy Run - Draw Me Healthy Kids Book, this story is a first attempt to introduce a green diet concept to young children.  Using carfully designed graphics, we attempt to induce the young readers to start questioning their food choices and food sources. So that they don't blindly choose aesthetics over organics.


Diabetes Prevention Children


The New Revolution

The electronic ebook revolution can help take the spread of the diabetes epedemic by storm. Every parent and author should embark upon writing and distrubuting diabetes prevention related stories for their own children and other children to read.


P is for.. Prevention

eReaders and Diabetes Stories

Today, the process of knowledge transfer is quite different. Physical books are gathering dust in libraries. Bookstores are downsizing because physical books are not selling. Another goliath has felt the stone of innovation.

That new stone comes in the form of a small, lightweight electronic reading device called eReaders, hand helds, tablets, iPads, personal devices etc.

Diabetes vs Stories

The Power of Stories - Children and Health - Our Children Can Prevent Diabetes

For Kids health Sake! Stop Eating Fast Foods

Preventing Diabetes - Run Tippy Run - Draw Me Healthy

Diabetes Prevention Children's Book
Manufactured junk food is creating obesity which, surely leads to type 2 diabetes. USA food manufacturing and the diabetes disease that has inflicted the US, is now growing across the world threatning other nations along with their children and health. Most local authorities have not yet even begun debate as to how to counteract the advancement of this man-made self-inflicted threat. Children and nutrition have have been sacrificed and replaced with corporate profits.
Government can't protect your kids from the dangerous additives in your food.


Children and health is the new priority.

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