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Prevent Diabetes Kids

Is High Fructose Corn Syrup – The Main Causes  Of Diabetes?

The latest research from various high level scientific studies appear to support High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) as being one of the chemical manufactured food component products that may in fact be a leading contributor to the rapid increase of diabetes here in the United States. This is not the first time that high fructose corn syrup was identified as a health risk.  Since HFCS introduction into the food supply over twenty five years ago, the HFCS commercial food component has been under suspicion for years.

What Is HFCS?
HFCS is a food product preservative and also serves as a food sweetener.

Why Does The Food Industry Use HFCS.
To give food a longer shelf-life and sweeten the food product. So the food industry gets a two for one return on their investment into this man-made chemically produced food additive.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Dangers
The true dangers of HFCS can be comprehended if one simply understands how quickly and thoroughly other nations have banned this chemical. The U.S. is the only European nation that remains that continues to approve and use HFCS in all it’s food products.

How Dangerous Is HFCS?  – WalMart and HFCS
WalMart is the largest food provider in the U.S. It is interesting  to note that as of this publishing Wal Mart has just announced a mandate to prohibit HFCS from all of its food products. They have also concluded the HFCS is one of the main causes of diabetes and can also be shown to be affiliated with other health risks.

What About Common Sense Reason?
Stop the intake of HFCS products ASAP. I appeal to your reason, why would you procrastinate and wait for the mass media to publicize the hazards of dangerous food products? The time you waste by continuing to consume HFCS food products can be hazardous to you and the long term health benefits to your entire family.

Television High Fructose TV Commercial Misleading?
Recent television HFCS supported TV commercials state that… “the human body process all sugars the same.”

Response: This is not true. Everything you eat is converted to glucose. Some foods convert quickly and other foods more slow. Those that convert quickly like foods filled with HFCS commercial manufactures chemicals, causes a rapid, sharp increase in blood sugar levels. Rapid rises in glucose levels are dangerous to the human system.

Others products that contain sugar such as zepia, do not cause rapid increase in blood glucose levels.

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