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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Diabetes Prevention?

Historically Speaking

The road from potential Type 2 Mellitus diabetes to prevent diabetes starts with a proper diet. Avoiding fast foods, junk foods, and chemically HFCS enhanced foods. Read More Here… Road to By-Pass Diabetes  Also, read more about the 4-Basics of diabetes prevention (diet, awareness, playcise and the importance of organic gardening) here… Prevent Diabetes 4 Basics.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Holistic Approach

Traditional Chinese Medicine Holistic Approach

Diabetes Prevention

 Traditional Chinese Medicine presents an additional opportunity to a possible safer, effective medical prevention options.

New Diabetes Prevention Treatment?

Chinese Herbs – Traditionally Speaking

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and pre-diabetes therapy methods.

A number of Chinese Herbs have been successfully used to prevent and control diabetes (referred to as Xiao ke) in Chinese culture. Chinese medical records provide evidence that diabetes like symptoms has been treated in China with using herbs as far back as 2000 years. Their chemical free approach and impressive success rate of patients casts a long shadow over western single minded chemical dependent and insulin injection treatment to Type 2 diabetes.

Some Chinese herbs to mention;

  • Chinese yam
  • Ginseng
  • Astragalus
  • Chinese wolfberry
  • Ligustrum lucidum
  • Cornus officinalis
  • Rhizoma Anemarrhenae
  • Raw land
  • Radix trichosanthis

Does Chinese Medicine Work?

Chinese Medicine is beyond the experimental stage. The clinical research to back these claims appear in the Cochrane Library, which is published by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international organization. Read More Here Reuters… Chinese herbs show promise for diabetes prevention.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diabetes

Traditional Chinese Medicine

West vs East – TCM vs Pharmaceuticals?

TCM herbal treatment medicine is based on the holistic theory, which puts an emphasis on the integrated body vs western medicine which is better at the more direct, linear, traumatic, life-long customer approach. Read more research based information here… Traditional Chinese Medicine for Treatment of Diabetes, learn about… multiple mechanisms(TCM Herbal Treatment is beneficial to multiple health functions) including enhancement of insulin sensitivity vs western drugs which are good at targeting a single medical problem and at the same time potentially threaten other healthy functions.

H is for Herbal Treatment

H is for Herbal Treatment

TCM Diabetes

Benefits of Chinese Herbs – Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Chinese herbs have already proven to be very effective in treating individuals with Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes symptoms. Properly treated by a conscientious, well educated, and caring licensed TCM trained practitioner, Chinese herbs can lower blood glucose levels, reduce insulin injections, which in turn can reduce the future complications of other bodily organs that diabetes mellitus will eventually erode if inundated with the narrow-minded western pharmaceutical solution to health problems. Patients generally will begin to observe a noticeable  difference in blood sugar levels within several short weeks of TCM herbal treatment. Learn more about… Herbal Treatment and Diabetes.

Research Based Decisions
Due to the rapid expansion of the internet, information is finding its way direct from clinical research laboratories directly into the inquiring minds of patients all across the world. The public is becoming more aware that western medicines are frequently associated with severe adverse drug side affects, negative reactions, and repetitive  endless, life long addicts to pharmaceutics empires. Chinese Traditional Medicine of Herbal Treatment medications have long been used in the treatment and prevention of Type 2 diabetes and can help reduce insulin injections with Type 1 diabetics. Read a recent scientifically research based supporting article about Traditional Chinese Medicine – Diabetes and Ginseng Herb Learn details of how Ginseng reduces insulin resistance(when natural hormone insulin becomes less effective in reducing blood sugar levels).

Chinese Herb Safety?

The United States accredits schools in Chinese medicine, so a practitioner certified by an accredited school has had extensive training in Chinese medicine.
Read More Here WebMD Chinese Herb Safety

Many years of practicing Chinese acupuncturists and Chinese herb practitioners in the U.S. have produced no serious resultant health or liability issues.  TCM practitioners require very little liability insurance as compared to western practitioners. However, Grant noted, like all medicines, including vitamins and herbs have the potential for unexpected side affects or interactions with other medications. You need to seek the professional advice of a good practitioner.

All Doctors are Not Created Equal

You may want to diligently seek out a qualified and dedicated practitioner (the operative phrase here is “excessively dedicated” to the safe health of their patients. Ideally, you want to find a combination of health practitioners that understand the value of TCM with a proper balance of western medicine. Read More Here… complimentary and alternative medicine.

One Prescription for All?

Custom Formulas vs Pills

Pharmaceuticals wholesale drug companies adhere to a one size fits all philosophy. On the other hand, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the state certified herb practitioners make recommendations based on each individuals unique prognosis and after an extensive amount of quality evaluation time with each patient.  The TCM process is not based on the wholesale commercialization or the one-size-fits-all in the belief that drugs are remedy to everything.

Historically Speaking

Diabetes is not a new disease, nor is the treatment.

Different terminology same illness. Old World TCM have successfully treated diabetes for over 2000 years.  TCM medical reference for what westerners call diabetes is…”Xiao Ke” or “Wasting and Thirsting Disease.”

Ancient Chinese practitioners described the same identical medical symptoms as modern day doctors (also discovered 1000s years later) with startling accuracy:

  • excessive hunger
  • thirst
  • frequent urination
  • and rapid weight loss

Diabetes Treatment Old World vs New

TCM solution to cure diabetes is focused on the cause – this focus will lead the eastern practitioner to restore positive flow of Qi.  Over time, TCM empirical observation led to a medical discovery that confirms a predictable flow of beneficial energy in the human body.

Restore the flow, restore your health.

Acupuncture Treatment Diabetes

Acupuncture Points Diabetes

Acupuncturists insert thin painless needles at key points on the human body called meridians to help restore the flow of Qi. This time tested chemical free method has proven effective in the past and present day.

Benefits of Acupuncture on Diabetes

Chemical free treatment! Effective Results!

Blood sugar/glucose levels can be noticeably reduced in as little as several visits compared years of extended visits to a western medical doctor.

Statistically Speaking

Diabetes in Boston Maryland: Visit the CDC website for Detailed Diabetes Data and Trends in your area of interest. Read more here… Diabetes Data.

That what we measure, we Change!

Is Your Doctor Trending?

It is time for a more holistic approach to the western diabetes problem? Mindlessly pumping drugs into your system will help to accelerate the deterioration of bodily organs. Ask you doctor about the long term health risks and affects of insulin injections. Ask your doctor about the latest research on TCM and treating Diabetes Type 2 Mellitus.

Next Step

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