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 Children and Diabetes – Diabetes Buster Diet – A Diabetic Diet Overview – gOne Diabetes Diet This g-One Diet has allowed me to stop taking insulin all together. However, I may not have developed true T1(100% destroyed pancreas.) Or, it may be that I may have prevented total pancreatic destruction by my alarmist reaction and […]

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Gymnema vs Insulin? Overview Are there certain herbs and vitamins that can help treat diabetics higher than normal levels of glucose—or reduce high sugar in the blood? Better yet, are certain vitamins and plants such as dandelion and gymnema more beneficial, safer and less damaging to the human body than long-term insulin injections? Gymnema Sylvestre […]

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Last year I was diagnosed as being a Type 1 diabetic. This was dispite my not displaying other symptoms that should have accompanied a typical Type 1 diabetic such as headaches, sore stomach and vomiting. I was perscripted the standard insulin injection medications. With in a couple of weeks I removed myself off this insulin. After my […]

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