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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids


4 Wins Diabetes Balanced ScoreCard

4-Wins Diabetes Balanced ScoreCard

How To Stop Diabetes,
Is To First Know What Is Diabetes

Philosophically speaking diabetes is…

Sweets lead to childhood situations,
the craving of sweet, bring health complication.

From baby bottle, to dinner table,
…evil, make diabetes taste good.

Four Domains of Diabetes Prevention

The complexities of diabetes made simple.

A balance between the four health domains must be maintained to stop diabetes for good.

What’s best for our kids health? Some of us already know how to prevent diabetes. Or do we? A new comprehensive approach to combating diabetes illness is moving front and center. But, to stop diabetes might be a little more difficult than one might be led to believe.

Playcise – A 4-Win Health Domain

It turns out that singular linear thinking does not offer full countermeasures to prevent a multi attacking disease like diabetes. It is not enough to simply exercise, playcise, take daily walks, engage in morning weight-lifting sessions, and faithfully indulge in week-end marathon jogs. All this good physical motion is absolutely great.

However, if a person carefully select and drink herbal tea, after their health related activities in hopes to replenish bodily nutrients, but that particular health tea contains High Fructose Corn Syrup , unknown to that person their efforts can be rendered totally useless and in fact, downright harmful. It is not enough to build one wall of defense in effort to protect our kids health from an attack. Read more here… About eating to protect the pancreas.

The Solution – “4 Wins” Diabetes Agenda Card

4 Wins Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes “4-Wins” 4Domains Concept
Eating Right (Chemical free food)
Exercise (12 Minutes after each meal)
Food Source Awareness (Be suspicious of commercial foods)
Growing Your Own (Backyard gardening)

4 Wins, 4 Domains, and 4 Vulnerabilities
How to stop diabetes? Answer, The 4 Wns!

4 Wins of cause and effect – means to win, you must secure against all four health related domains. The health domains are dynamically connected meaning, to attend to one and ignore any other domains is futile. To ignore any one domain makes you remain vulnerable.

4 Wins can only be achieved by securing against all 4 Domains.

To win against diabetes one must ask themselves… what cause of action I can take in the “Eat Right” domain that will have a positive effect on the Exercise/Playcise domain? Or let me pose a similar question… based on actions in the “Eat Right” domain, am I still vulnerable from three other domains? Is food a health vulnerability?

The Diabetes 4-Win Prevention Card graphically illustrates the four defender domains of preventing diabetes and other illness. Metaphorically, the “4-Wins” concept also represent the four vulnerabilities and the futility of just addressing one domain such as eating right then mindlessly ignore the exercise domain. The same applies if one playcise and yet ignore safe food source.

The Diabetes 4-Wins 4Domain Concept introduces a single focus graphical icon, that represents the four necessary domains that must be acted upon simultaneously to Stop Diabetes.

“It is not enough to defend the front and leave three sides vulnerable.”
–ThirdSon and the River’s Sky


Man can not live by doctor advice alone.

A is for Alert!

A is for… Alert, Awareness

Doctors themselves might not be as knowledgeable about the true causes of type 1 diabetes. Many others in the medical profession might be prejudiced by years of inadequate medical or narrowly specialized training. These unfortunate facts can have damaging affects on your family. Every day thousands of diabetes mis-diagnoses are made. Thousands die every day from unsafe foods.

It is the parent that must take the initiative in learning how to stop diabetes and about the 4-Win countermeasures to stopping diabetes and protecting their kids health.

Gardening and Stopping Diabetes

The main vulnerability in learning how to stop diabetes is in the foods you consume. Identifying safe foods will require more effort than ever before. providing safe foods to eat is more important than ever before. The backyard garden can provide a defense and opportunity to providing safe foods for your family.


4-Wins 4 Domain Health Defenders – Is a 360 Method on How to Stop Diabetes

The 4-Wins Domains are Awareness, Playcise, Gardening, and “Eat Right”, all four are all required to stop diabetes.

The 4 Wins Diabetes Agenda Card clearly represent the four vulnerabilities and the futility of not addressing all four threats simultaneously.

Kids Health Book – Diabetes Children’s Book


A good health book for your kids to read is the Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy a diabetes health children’s book.

In Draw Me Healthy, gOne is a super fast and hyper-energetic character. gOne has always followed the advice of his elders and eats only green veggies. He grows organic veggies for himself and never eat anything provided from strangers.


Where To Buy
Run Tippy Run – Kindle version from Amazon Run Tippy Run Only $2.99



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