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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Diabetes, Death by Deceit and Kids Health

The angel of death has taken on new form, death has traded in it’s dark cloak, black horse, and trademark sable wood staff and has covertly taken on the form of deceit. Death is unrecognizable because deceit is unrecognizable.
This is no ordinary grim reaper, this is a new form of death, a death clothed in deceit slowly encompassing and covering the whole earth. The new death has succeeded in world wide domination, the new death has placed its deformed and decrepitated crooked fingers inside every man, woman, child and grand child. The new death is the new plague of death is beyond biblical proportions.
The new death has succeeded where the original death has failed. The new grim reaper of death can claim millions of lives without fear, without protest.
How did death achieved this new form that has permitted it to sneak pass the most vigilant? How does the new death be welcomed into every home with open arms? How does the new death kill millions daily without outcry and resistance from world leaders and parents?
The answer…Deceit! Deceit and advertising. By presenting itself as a friend to young kids, the new death cloaked in advertising like a Trojan hoarse, is pulled into the human body via the dinner table. In the name of nutrition and “taste’s good” the new death has a million hands were as before, death only had one hand of bony fingers.
The new death has his hand upon your pancreas. He targets this elusive organ because this organ influences every major organ of the human body, the liver, spleen, kidney. The new death gets several organs with one effort. The new death is known by a common undescriptive name called diabetes. Diabetes? That word doesn’t sound menacing or evil. But, isn’t that how sick minded individuals approach kids on Halloween night, wrapping poison in candy and serve the poison wrapped in a smile and happy greetings?
The new death is 365 days of halloween served up in the form of commercial foods. Fast foods, groceries, meats and dairy products are all injected with an array of new death poison, the new death “makes death by diabetes taste good.”
Diabetes and Kids Health
Kids have a new enemy, the grim reaper has partnered up with the commercial food industry.
Deceit and Diabetes

Deceit and Diabetes