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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Children and Diabetes – What To Eat?
By eating plenty of raw veggies such as collard, kale, spinach etc and taking the right vitamins and herbs such as gymnema and g-One and dandalion root, the citizens of PencilVille rid themselves of diabetes. Anyone can prevent diabetes by learning about various vitamins and foods to eat. No grocery store or fast food though!!!

Recommended Reading
Kids Can Read a health related diabetes book free online at… DayStarBooks.Com
This series of Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy books, will attempt to introduce a green diet concept to young children. By illustrating a direct link to food and health, we induce kids to question their diet choices and food sources.

Read Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy  – Diabetes Health Series
You can purchase a hard copy of the book from…
Hard Copy from Amazon $12.15
Kindle Version Amazon $2.99
Hard Copy at DaystarBooks $6.99