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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Diabetes and Children – Run Tippy Run  Draw Me Healthy – A Fun Adventure Diabetes Health Story For Children
Rub Tippy Run  – Draw Me Healthy is a short but very entertaining and adventerous story written for young children.

About This Diabetes and Childrens Health Story
The story begans in a fictional town called PencilVille. The sub-titles of the story is “Class, Why Does The Pencil Look Broken?” Why? Because everyone of PencilVille citizens have fallen ill for some undetermined reason. The solution to this mysterious illness that has plagued all of PencilVille is discovered only after Tippy enters a mystical African forest called Jimma’. Here is where Tippy meets and makes a new friend named g-One. Tippy and g-One will encounter a giant winged creature that glides overhead in pursuit of stray goslings. g-One (unlike some of his other siblings) has never ventured to far from the gaggle of geese to be captured by this creature. As a result of sticking to an all organic and veggie feeding habit, g-One is very energetic, healthy  and exciting.  Organic chemical free food is the secret. Read More Here

Recommended Reading
Read Run Tippy Run – Drw Me Healthy – Diabetes Health Story

Kids Can Read the African American Book Online Free At DayStarBooks.Com 

Where To Buy
Parents can purchase the book direct from the publisher $6.50.
Or, purchase from Amazon $12.15

What about those beautiful TV commercials always showing kids having lots of fun eating lots of brand name, tasty fast food and drinking white liquid sugar sweet chemical filled sodas?  See what’s really in that food being advertised on TV… (BlackLight Food Droid.)

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