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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

A Kids Book About Diabetes – A Dog Saves His Town From Diabetes

Tippy like any other dog, is proven to be man’s best friend. Tippy is on a personal mission to cure his town of PencilVille from a new and mysterious illness that has everyone feeling sluggish. The illness has all the children experiencing tooth decay. Many kids of PencilVille must make several trips to the doctor, they complain about numbness and tingling in the legs.

The kids drink plenty of cow’s milk as instructed by parents and teachers alike. Milk is good for you they all agree. Drink lots of water, water is good for you all parents and nutritionists are taught to believe without verification.

Kids Book About Diabetes

The 4 Wins Stop Diabetes Concept - Kids Health

But, what if milk and water have been contaminated with chemicals that will bring harm to your kids health?

Tippy to the Rescue – The 4 Health Disciplines

Tippy, from his visit to the forest of Jimma, learned that an entire culture was secretly involved in making money from poisoning the general population. Even the great Rulers of Egrets and 5 Fingers were in on the greed and suffering of others. In the name of medicine and deceit, they destroyed many citizens of PencilVille.

Alert!  - Don't Eat Things From Strangers

A is for... Alert

Tippy learned a valuable lesson about the true power of deceit. Deceit, is undetectable by the gullible parent. A parent must be suspicious of the food source they allow their children to eat. A parent must be vigilant 24-7 of food sources – food sources represent one of the four vulnerabilities that if left unguarded, can present harm to your family.

From his friend of the forest, gOne taught Tippy that you can trust no one to feed your family. You must always be on “Full Alert”, you must be a 24-7 vigilant, you must gaurd against all 4 vulnerabilities g-One would explain.

g-One had showed Tippy that other gosling of Jimma had suffered illness from eating foods, drinking cow’s milk and just drinking what looked like plain old water. But in fact, g-One’s grand mother admonished him from ingesting anything that he didn’t grow or produce himself. That water is full of poison she would warn g-One. It is good gOne and other goslings listened, because the water had been injected with chemicals from the 5 Finger creatures from a far away land called… “civilization.”

These 5 Finger creatures move about like gypsies, they poison the surrounding land and then re-sell food and water to the general population. However, even the food they resell is also poison, this way the 5 Finger creatures can make double profits from causing suffering to the same population.


This new health prevention book about diabetes will help to at least alert your kids mind to the possible dangers that might be causing sickness in the family. The book also start the kids to question their food source.

A Kids Book About Diabetes

A good book about diabetes for your kids to read is the Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy a n adventurous book about a dog and his new found friend. From this new friendship, Tippy learns why people are suddenly becoming ill.

In Run Tippy Run, gOne is a hyper fast and hyper-energetic character. gOne has always followed the advice of his elders and eats only green veggies. He grows organic veggies for himself and never eat anything provided from strangers.

Organic Food Benefits  - Kids HealthBenefit of Organic Food – Kids Health “Help Our Kids Grow a Future Without Diabetes.”

Kids Can Read the Book Online Free At DayStarBooks.Com

Where To Buy Parents can purchase the Run Tippy Run direct from the publisher, DayStarBooks $6.50.

Or, purchase Run Tippy Run from Amazon $12.15
Run Tippy Run – Kindle version from Amazon Run Tippy Run Only $2.99

You can read more about the book here… Draw Me Healthy