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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Preventing Diabetes – No Commercial Foods!

An Exhortation for Preventing Diabetes!

No commercial foods, no high fructose corn syrup, no cow’s milk. All commercially sold foods will slowly make kids and adults gain weight. All commercially grown foods are loaded with dangerous chemicals. These “safe chemicals so called” are causing harm to many vital organs in your body and your kids body. Commercials foods are harmful to kids health. Stopping the ingestion of commercial foods is the only real and true way to preventing diabetes.

Preventing Diabetes - Red Alert!

A is for... Alert

Commercial Food Causes Diabetes
Repeated long term exposure to any commercially supplied foods are a danger to your families health. If you have already consumed commercially produced foods, I urge you to subside as soon as possible if not immediately.

Start Preventing Diabetes Now
There is no room nor time for debate on controversial issues regarding arguments that either support or deny commercial food safe claims about their products. There is no more time to leave the welfare of your children’s health to those on WallStreet and the FatCats that is concerned only about profit margins over public health. There is no time to listen to any doctor that will not extend his responsibility beyond his comfort zone, that will not take an intelligent stand based on research regarding commercially produced food and your health.  Diabetes sold on every corner.

Your health is YOUR responsibility, NOT some of your safe-haven doctors that will not extend their information beyond their field of expertise. It is time for doctors to collaborate with other just as competent health specialists to help the public identify and  start preventing diabetes.

It is not your doctors responsibility or grocer, your health is your responsibility.

Medication is NOT the solution to preventing diabetes. Preventing diabetes is an illness that is prevented by food consumption and controlling food sources.

Preventive Measures for Diabetes
Activities and exercise like jumping rope, jogging, push-ups, leg swats… yes, drinking water… yes.  But, this is not enough! You must remove you and your family from the intake of commercially produced foods found in all your grocery stores. This food seems harmless enough, it seems unbelievable that diabetes can be sold in every grocery store and out of every junk food/ fast-food corner.

Preventing Diabetes

P is for ...Preventing Diabetes

Preventing Diabetes and Protecting Kids Health
Start growing your own organic vegetables. Grow them indoors and outside. Buy only organic vegetables and meat products. Photography, Diabetes Exhortations

It takes more effort, but it’s good for you and your family…
Drink your organic green smoothie, fix your organic breakfast, eat your organic turkey for lunch and another green drink of some kind, eat your organic chicken dinner along with organic vegetables.  Your are on the only road to preventing diabetes for you and your kids health. Organic Eating

Tell the commercial foods industry along with the pharmaceuticals giants goodbye and you and your family live long.

Preventing Diabetes - No Commercial Foods

Tippy Knows True Cause Of Diabetes

“Help our kids draw their future without diabetes.”

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