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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

2 Things To Do After Every Meal – Diabetes Prevention

Eat – Playcise

Eat – Drink Water

After eating the body starts to covert all the food into carbohydrates (carbs.) If you have over eaten, there will be excessive carbs also called glucose that will find it’s way into the blood supply. It is those excess carbs that causes all the health problems–diabetes being only one of many.

Diabetes Prevention  - Playcise

Diabetes Prevention - Playcise - Controlling Your Diabetes With Exercise

Diabetes and Exercise

As a countermeasure against exposing your body to high glucose, you can Playcise (jump rope, leg squats, run in place, pushups, up down stairs, jumping jacks, jump rope, just walk or stroll around the living room couch, walk in place while watching the TV.  Activity will stop diabetes. You get the idea, do something active as long as you make it fun–mix it up to keep making it a welcomed event. You only need a maximum of 12 minutes (in my experiences) to reduce glucose levels by an astonishing… 50 points!!!
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Diabetes and Water?

Diabetes and Water

Diabetes and Water

Second, drink plenty of water or drink a green smoothie (leafy vegetables blended in water.)  Water will dilute all that excess glucose in the blood stream so, drink, sip, gulp that water every chance you get–especially after you have dessert.
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Diabetes Prevention

P is for ...Preventing Diabetes

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All food is carbohydrates, after entering the body the pancreas start to convert the food into energy. How? The pancreas is comprised of islet cells, these islet cells are also comprised of beta cells which produce the insulin.  Insulin is a natural hormone that converts the food into energy glucose, and deposited into the blood supply. Learn more about High Carb Foods Here… High Carbs Foods and Diabetes

Summary – 2 Things To Do After Every Meal – Diabetes Prevention

Make these 2 things a routine with your kids after every meal:

Eat – Playcise

Eat – Drink Water

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