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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

One Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

This useful truth has permeated society for years, it is just as true today as the first day of introduction.

Prevention is the solution, it is not a cure. Employing prevention eliminates the need for a cure!

Prevention Tip 15

One Ounce of Diabetes Prevention
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Spend a few minutes each day studying the cause and effects of what you eat and the impact on health, continually expose your mind to health related information. Implement physical, mental, academic, and spiritual elements into your daily, weekly, and monthly routine; include the 4 Wins Prevention Approach – Learn More Here… Prevention Basics

Comfort Goals as Prevention

Never be discouraged if you skip a day, week, or month; just resume without conscious. Never set a fixed goal; set a comfort goal. Such as, do pushups until you feel like stopping, or another way to put it, do the exercise as long as it feels good doing it.  If you must have a numeric goal, then add something numeric at the end of the comfort goal. Learn More Here… Prevention Tips.

Diabetes prevention includes more than just eating right and exercise, it involves a paradigm shift in thinking that may include increased awareness of commercial food sources.



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Prevention and Motivation

A Motivational

Your mind will suggest procrastination.
Your feelings, will not feel like doing anything.

But; do one easy set of chinups 1, 2, 3, 4 then stop.
Several minutes later, do another easy set… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 yeah, you suddenly discover that mysterious burst of ” i can do more” energy effect has kicked in.

Why Did I Stop Playing?

You discover you can trick yourself into exercising! It’s all psychological you know. Sponteneity is the best method to jump-start an exercise session. No regular or planned exercise program, no visit to the gym, or schedule. Personaly, I MUST use the word “routine” instead of the word “exercise” if I’m to have any exercise success at all. Why did I stop Playing.

Each set of exercise will lower your blood sugar glucose level to help in your prevention efforst; thus prevent diabetes in the long run. Read More… Prevention.


Exercise, drink organic green smoothies (at least 1/day), awareness (water source, home chemical exposure, HFCS, food source).

Remenber, Type 1 diabetes is not a result of over eating (healthy individuals contract Type 1). You must watch the milk source (drink organic milk) not hormone injected milk.

“Prevention – Help Our Kids Prevent Diabetes”

Medical Disclaimer

All content found on the Website, including: text, images, or public research and clinical trials, were created for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

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Prevention and Curing Type 2 Diabetes

Eating a large percentage of pure chemical free organic foods will help prevent illness. Recent clinical studies provide evidence that certain herbs like Gymnema Sylvestre can possibly start to repair a damaged pancreas. Read more Prevention here.

Hummingbird Photo

The small is just a influential as the great, the intricacies of the pancreas is also influences by the minute.

Be vigilant of what you eat.


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Prevention, Herbs vs Insulin

Gymnema Sylvestre vs Insulin?

Are there certain herbs and vitamins that can better treat diabetics higher than normal levels of glucose—or reduce high sugar in the blood? Better yet, are certain vitamins and plants such as dandelion and gymnema sylvestre more beneficial, safer and less damaging to the human body during long-term insulin injections?
Read More Here…  Prevention Herbs vs Insulin

Prevent With Herbs? – Gymnema Sylvestre Diabetes
The Number One diabetes prevention herb. A plant called gymnema slyvestre has a herbal properties that help to reduce and lower blood sugar levels. Even in type 1 diabetics. Using gymnema can even reduce insulin requirements.
Read More Here… Herbs for Diabetes

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Prevention – What Causes Type 1

Research confirmed that hormone injected cow’s milk and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is known to trigger most type 1 diabetes here in the US and across the globe anywhere HFCSs are used in food products. Diabetic Diet.

Type 1 Prevention and Vegetables

Even some children with certain variations of type 1 can benefit from a raw veggie flood of food into the system or a regular basis. Combine this approach A with various herbs like gymnema and dandelion root. 4 Wins of Prevention

Medical Disclaimer

All content found on the Website, including: text, images, or public research and clinical trials, were created for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

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Personal Prevention Program – Food Labels

20 years from now the food industry can include upwards to 50% of non-organic ingredients and still use the term “organic”? Today, the food industry can use 30% non-organic compounds and legally use the Organic Label!

Prevention – Are All Food Labels Created Equal?

As a parent, you must take a look behind the curtain; beyond the superficial food labels. You really need to see what’s behind those authoritative agency titles, authentic looking logos, and all those official seals that gives the impression that these hugh entites protect your food. Read More Here.

Prevention and High Glucose Levels – Diabetes Prevention
Blood glucose levels to high? Children must quickly become aware of the dangers of TV soft drink commercials they see on television; convincing viewers to faithfully buy food from the grocery store with blind trust.

Food labels can represent acceptable prevention for your kids.

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Diabetes – Die by Eating

Diabetes - Die by Eating

Diabetes – Die by Eating

Diabetes – Die by Eating

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Diabetes Health Book for Kids

Run Tippy Run Prevent Diabetes for Kids

Run Tippy Run Prevent Diabetes for Kids

Diabetes Kids Health Book

Diabetes books and stories are good to help establish morals and a stronger sense of self. The sooner you get started reading to your kids, the quicker the transformation begins.

A Good Children’s Diabetes Book To Start

The Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy is an adventurous health related story written for young children. While the story is upbeat and written to put young children in a good mood, make them laugh and educational, the content will discretely make kids more aware of their eating habits.

Parents – Why You Need This Book

Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy – Helping Kids Avoid Diabetes

A good adventurous children’s book written specifically for kids with the purpose to help prevent kids from contracting diabetes.

Without actually using the word “diabetes.”  the book employs a velvet-glove and humorous approach in presenting otherwise serious topic material. However, the content cleverly illustrates a direct link between food choices and sources.  We are trying to prevent diabetes in children. Read more here… can stories prevent diabetes?

Conclusion – Parents, You Can Make the Difference
It would be in your best interest to introduce a high vegetable intake diet into the lives of everyone you care for. Vegetables are slow release carbohydrates, eating lots of them in place of high sugar content food help to provide needed glocuse(energy) while preventing high blood sugar spikes.

Good stories help develop good minds and combat TV commercials. The child’s personality is cast in stone between the ages of 1-10 years old. During this critical period your child is being bombarded with 100,000 30 second TV commercial stories on television and the internet.

Help Draw Our Kids Future Without Diabetes

Good Diabetes Story for Kids

Stories can shape opinion, motivations, guide decisions, and help a child maintain a positive esteem of themselves. A good story can be a starting point of better decisions. Decisions can lead to better food choices. Choices that benefit health NOT just taste.  The main character of Run Tippy Run is an opportunity to read an adventure story that is child centered.

It is no secret that kids have active imaginations, let’s use that cognitive development to our children’s advantage. Read More Here… Diabetes Health Stories for Children.

Beware; Be Vigilant

TV commercials are the medium that is most commonly used to help spread diabetes coast to coast by encouraging over eating and bad food choices. Diabetes Awareness is 24-7 for all of us. Children stories is a starting point to help prevent diabetes in kids.

Diabetes Health Book for Kids

4 Basics


All Food is NOT Created Equal

The food today is loaded with high glucose raising man made chemicals that the food industry use to fatten live stock and increase the shelf life of the food. As a result, the human body must be in constant motion to obstruct the effects of these chemicals.

Run Tippy Run

Run Tippy Run

Diabetes-Book – Kids Health Book

Even today’s milk being sold in grocery stores should be given skepticism before giving it to you kids to consume. You can read more about milk and diabetes here.

The human body is miraculous in how movement will help the bodily organs dispel harmful chemicals that entered the body. A simple casual 12 minute walk can reduce glucose levels by 50 units. That could mean a reduction in insulin injections.

Diabetes, Kids Health Books

In Summary

Eat and move, eat and move, eat-move, eat-walk. Your kids health is at stake, but their health can be protected by keep moving. Run like Tippy. Run from fast foods, run from commercial foods, run for kids health sake.

Make “Eat Walk”a sign-off slogan with your grand kids, children, or spouse, anyone that you care about.

Diabetes Health Book for Children

Diabetes Health Book for Children

A First Step

This series of children books, will attempt to introduce a green diet concept to young children making them aware of the direct relationship between their food choices and food sources.  The book will also emphasize the importance of organic (chemical free) food.

The Draw Me Healthy kids health book story designed to serve as a diabetes prevention first line of defense, motivate kids to eat more veggies, and introduce a green organic concept to young children.

This is a short story, only 48 Easy-Read pages, consisting of 50/50 text to illustration.

Recommended Reading
Kids Can Read a health related diabetes book free online at… DayStarBooks.Com
This series of Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy books, will attempt to introduce a green diet concept to young children. By illustrating a direct link to food and health, we induce kids to question their diet choices and food sources.

Read Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy  – Diabetes Health Series
You can purchase a hard copy of the book from…
Hard Copy from Amazon $12.15
Kindle Version Amazon $2.99
Hard Copy at DaystarBooks $6.99

diabetes health book for kids

diabetes health book for kids

Remember… High Fructose Corn Syrup, Cow’s Milk, White Processed Sugar, and Excessive Carbohydrates. Learn More,  15 Tips to prevent diabetes.


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Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention – Prevention Tip 15

Diabetes by Sitting?
You arise from sleep, you sit on the edge of the bed, you sit to dress yourself, you sit to eat your breakfast, you sit to drink your coffee, you sit to drive to work, you sit while  doing your job, you sit at lunch, you resume your sitting at work, you sit to drive back home, you sit to change cloths, you sit to eat, you sit to watch television, you sit to talk, you sit to text, you sit to read your email, you sit to surf the net, you sit to play video games, you sit to prepare for bed, you lay down and go to sleep. You sit yourself to death, decay, and disease.

D is for Diabetes

D is for Diabetes

Diabetes Prevention

How to Prevent Diabetes – 4 Basics, Activity Integration
You arise from sleep & sit on the edge of the bed; don’t sit, just stand instead. You sit to dress yourself; try standing sometimes.  You sit to eat your breakfast; you should stand. You sit to drink your coffee; you can stand. You sit to drive to work; unavoidable. You sit while doing your job; stand when possible, walk-break often move as much as you can. Don’t just sit at lunch; stand & eat, walk when possible. You resume your sitting at work; stand when possible, take breaks & walk often.  You sit to drive back home; unavoidable. You sit to change cloths; stand.  You sit to eat; when you should stand. You sit to watch television; stand up,  add jumping jacks, walk in place, push ups, leg squats, anything but sit, please stand. You sit to talk; you can walk & talk. You sit to text; stand.  You sit to read email; stand, You sit to surf the net; stand instead. You sit to play video games; try standing. You sit to prepare for bed; stand sometimes. You lay down and go to sleep; unavoidable.

Replace sitting with standing, moving and walking… you help to prevent early death, bad health, early decay, and diabetes disease.

View all Diabetes Prevention tips here… Diabetes Prevention Tips.

23.75 hrs a day of Sitting

Are you sitting yourself to death, disease and decay?

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Diabetes – Death, Disease, Decay – Sitting




D is for Die by Sitting

D is for Die by Sitting

by sitting!

Diabetes Prevention

Is to much sitting deadly to your health?
Latest Research Here…Sitting and your health.


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