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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Diabetes and Symptoms

Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes — Are You Ready?

Diabetes and Symptoms

S is for... Symptoms

The purpose of this entry is to introduce you to situation awareness—that is to raise your  level of awareness, of the imminent danger of diabetes. How? By making you more conscious of the symptoms of diabetes. The ability to  identify early warning signs of type 1 and type 2 diabetes will help you avoid more serious medical consequences.

Early Symptoms Of Diabetes

Recognizing early diabetes signs and symptoms will help you reduce pancreatic damage. Thus proving the opportunity to repair your pancreas natural holistic means.

Are You In The Early Stages Of Diabetes – Undiagnosed Diabetes?
If you are not already inflicted with diabetes, their is a high percentage that you  or someone in your immediate family will be. The reason is because most people have already eaten enough poison foods to have done considerable  and covert damage to their body. An unsuspecting public Are already in pre-diabetes stage. Their next step will be for them to be transformed into a full blown diabetic in the near future. this group of individuals are just referred to as undiagnosed diabetes.

Are You A Undiagnosed Or Pre-Diabetic?
Are you experiencing early symptoms of diabetes? You need to become aware of the main diabetes and symptoms warning signs.

Diabetes and Symptoms

A is for... Alert

Early Symptoms Of Diabetes
There are many early warning diabetes signs and symptoms that scream “Red Alert” if we only knew what those signs were. Independently, these symptoms I’m about to describe may seem meaningless. But, if they simultaneously occur within a short span of each other, this could spell trouble.

Below Are Three Symptoms Of Diabetes:

Diabetes Symptom 1
You suddenly  get leg cramps

Diabetes Symptom 2
You start to feel and tingling in your feet

Diabetes Symptom 3
You’re hungrier than normal, you notice your appetite has nearly doubled. You find it hard to save food for a later meal.

Do any of these incidents or conditions sound familiar?

Your Diabetes and Symptoms Program
Get to know your body, watch for any unexplained changes and simultaneous all-at-once occurrences of weight loss, thirst, weakness, urination, leg cramps, and or a consistent tingling in the foot.

This is not a full list of all diabetes symptoms, but it does include the most valid symptoms. Learn more here about… Warning Signs Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes and Symptoms

Diabetes and Symptoms

Recommended Reading – Health Book Online
Help Your Kids Draw Their Future Without Diabetes

As a kid, I remember a story called “Popeye the Sailor Man”, in this cartoon, Popeye would get near super strength from eating a green veggie straight from a can called spinach. In this cartoon, it was Popeye’s can of spinach that always pulled him through.

Is it possible that a diabetes prevention solution may lie in carefully crafted children stories?

Be alert for symptoms of childhood diabetes
A good health related book for your kids to read is,
Read Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy – Diabetes Health Children’s Book

Kids Can Read the Book Online Free At DayStarBooks.Com

Where To Buy
Parents can purchase the book direct from the publisher $6.50.
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You can read more about the book here… Draw Me Healthy

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