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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Last year I was diagnosed as being a Type 1 diabetic. This was dispite my not displaying other symptoms that should have accompanied a typical Type 1 diabetic such as headaches, sore stomach and vomiting. I was perscripted the standard insulin injection medications. With in a couple of weeks I removed myself off this insulin. After my three month follow-up with my endocrinologists, it was determined that I should not be on insulin after all. He commended my detailed record keeping ( I had purchased meter reading software to help track my insulin progress.) I had forwarded this report to my doctor before the visit.

Also, within a very short time frame I knew of several other individuals that had experienced the same mis-diagnosed incident. However, they blindly followed the doctors advice to the letter. God knows how high a percentage of misdiagnosed cases actually exist.

None of the medical team had inquired about my diet just before I felt ill, had they investigated they would have discovered that I had consumed a couple liters of papya juice (I thought juice was healthy), high energy tea drink after jogging–jog every weekend, and had drank over a nearly a full gallon of milk–which was unusual because I had renounced milk over the past couple years.  But, would you know that during research about the cause of Type 1, I discovered that there is a direct link between Type 1 and Milk.

A is for Alert!

A is for... Alert, Awareness

The science of diagnosis is not straight forward. The medical profession is being constantly challenged by various sub-forms or sub-sets of diabetes such as Type3c and LADA both with similar symptoms that help complicate the proper identification of various diabetes types.

You really need that second opinion or do as I did, and just monitor you glucose level and see if you are in fact a diabetic at all.

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