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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

African Americans and Diabetes – The Collard Greens Solution
An exhortation

Main Stream Society Can Not Solve The African American Diabetes Problem
The solution to solving the African American and Diabetes epidemic will not come from main stream society. The solution will not evolve from the food industry, news media, or the many bosterous universities, it will not manifest itself from the pharmacutical industry.

Why African Americans and Diabetes Is Rising?
Diabetes is rising in the African American community for the same reason’s that everyone else in the whole world is contracting diabetes, by eating US commercial food will gaurantee diabetes ( in the name of food preservation, all US food is loaded with poisons, herbacides, pesticides, insecticides, hormons, HFCS, fungus, rat fecal matter etc.  Just follow the US poison food supply as it moves across the globe. —Read More Here.

African Americans and Diabetes – Grand Ma’s Solution
The solution might lay hidden in a very obscure and humble green vegetable that was once the main staple food of our grand parents. This vegetable it turns out has an estimated 30,000 times more certain vitamins and minerals than other competing more popular foods that are marketed in main stream society such as swiss chard, leeks.  Good old collards is better than them all!  Your great grand parents did not suffer from diabetes. You need not suffer either. Get back to eating green veggies. Stop eating American commerial poison fast foods! —Read More Here

African America Defeated Diabetes in 2011
African American Will Be The First To Defeat Diabetes – They accomplished this goal by:
 – immediately stop eating poison foods from the grocery store.
 – following the g-One diabetic diet (help repair damaged pancreas.)
 – second, writing your own books and telling and reading stories to your kids, especially at bedtime. Read about the power of stories here. If you don’t have a children’s’ diabetes book to start with, you can use the one I created called Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy.

African Americans and Organic Food Only
Grow your own organic collards, it’s easy! Organic food will shield your family from diabetes.Read More Here.

It would be in your best interest to introduce a high vegetable intake diet into your life and the lives of everyone you care for. Vegetables are slow release carbohydrates, eating lots of them in place of high sugar content food help to provide needed glocuse(energy) while preventing glucose or high sugar spikes at the same time. The diabetic solution, Go back to eating lots of greens like your ancestors did.

African American Children Books
Read your kid good mind altering stories that help reshape their young mind.  Get them off the addiction of chemical injected foods. The power of stories can make a big diffference. Read More Here.

“Remember The DayStar”
–ThirdSon and The River’s Sky

Recommended Reading
Read Run Tippy Run – Diabetes Health Series
A Children’s Diabetes Health Adventure Story

Purchase the book direct from the publisher $6.50.
Or, purchase from Amazon $12.15 

See what’s really in that food being advertised on TV… (BlackLight Food Droid.)

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