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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Children and Diabetes – Herbs For Diabetes
Gymnema Sylvestre Diabetes

A Brief History
Firstly, the Gymnema Herb is not a new product, it is not a new phase or fad. The performance results of this ancient Gymnema herb for diabetes is far beyond the experimental stage.

Think about it for a minute the treatment and cure for disease has always been herbal.  Man has always searched and gotten medicines and from various forms of plants. Modern medicine now called pharmaceutical companies are not different. The only exception is that modern herb harvesting is done on a wholesale level and conducted under bloated and exaggerated claims about production costs and research efforts.  Third world medicine men achieves the same without any PhDs or millions in ad campaigns– which by the way adds nothing to the effectiveness of Mother Nature.  Pharmaceuticals can not improve on Mother Nature, they can make exorbitant claims as such, but the truth is, is that the ancient Gymnema Sylvestre herb harvested from the earth performs the same in Asia, Africa or America.

DayStar Nitty Gritty
Now, that being clarified, it is a known scientific fact that certain herbs for diabetes and vitamins in lab tests have demonstrated that Gymnema Sylvestre has the ability to reduce the glucose levels.  Better yet, Gymnema Sylvestre is one distinct herb for diabetes that has proven more beneficial, safer and less damaging to the diabetics human body than long-term insulin use from animal insulin injections. Unlike the Gymnema herb, long term use of side effects and collateral organ damage is practically non-existent.

Gymnema Sylvestre – Reverse Diabetes?
More scientific testing has provided evidence that Gymnema Sylvester may also help diabetics to regenerate previously destroyed pancreas cells—until recently, this was thought not possible.

Herbs For Diabetes – How the Gymnema Herb Works
Gymnema Sylvestre helps by blocking the assimilation of sugar molecules. It does this very efficiently and prevent from 30 to 50 percent of sugar glucose from entering the blood stream. Learn how to incorporate Gymnema into your diet, Read More Here

You owe it to yourself to further investigate the properties and claims about the Gymnena Sylvestre herb. The many medical and health benefits are well established and combined with a good diet can help you and your loved one’s avoid and prevent diabetes. This particular herb for diabetes is the direction we should choose to travel as our health is to important to blindly place in the hands of individual share holders that might be interested in profits only or profits above health. Finally, you will not be solely shackled and enslaved to a corporation that can go defunct for falsifying medical performance claims or the like.

Recommended Reading For Children
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Parents can purchase the book direct from the publisher $6.50.
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How? About those beautiful TV commercials always showing kids having lots of fun eating lots of brand name, tasty fast food and drinking white liquid sugar sweet chemical filled sodas?

See what’s really in that food being advertised on TV… (BlackLight Food Droid.)

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