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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Vegetables For Diabetics – Best Foods to Eat?

The latest clinical studies  strongly support that the most green leafy vegetables that are consumed the better a diabetic person’s health… vegetables, it seems are one of the best diabetic foods for a diabetic to eat.

How Does A Diabetic Get More Vegetables? – Good Vegetables For A Diabetic
Green Smoothies are one of the best prevention methods to get more vegetables into you system. You should start consuming green smoothies every morning and build up to drinking an average of two or three green smoothies per day. The health related benefits of vegetable and diabetes is medically documented. You can start with a good vegetable and diabetic meal plan.

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V is for ... Vegetable

Controlling Diabetes with Vegetables? – Diabetic Diet Plan
If you currently have type1 or type 2 diabetes, vegetables can help you to drastically reduce your high blood sugar and as a result of vegetables being slow metabolizer’s, vegetables can help to reduce your insulin requirements and prevent sharp spikes in glucose levels.

How Much Vegetables Should A Diabetic Eat?
Try to include at least 50% of each meal as vegetables. This can be in the form of steamed vegetables, green smoothies or salads. Follow this rule for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Diabetes Vegetable Diet—Can Eating Green Cure Diabetes?

The latest research claims that people who consume more green leafy vegetables in their meals have significantly decrease their risk of developing type 2 diabetic issues. A high consumption of vegetables with every meal is a sure technique for diabetes prevention.

The latest research also concludes that a Diabetes Vegetable Diet can prevent numerous other chronic illnesses simply due to the antioxidant content of green leafy vegetables.

Collards, Spinach and other green leafy vegetables can substantially reduce type 2 diabetes risk because of their concentrations of certain polyphenols which exude antioxidant qualities that are good for the body. Some examples of beneficial green veggies are kale, collards, spinach, broccoli, dandelion root and dandelion leaves.

A regular vegetable eating plan will include fewer trans fats and saturated fat compared to the normal diet. For a diabetic, vegetables are also low in sodium and higher in potassium and other health promoting nutrients. Make sure you eat organic chemical free vegetables.

Some examples of other  raw foods to consume along with your green leafy vegetables are, beans, 100% whole grains, nuts and vegetables.

The Green Smoothie VS Insulin?

Green smoothies are a blending of… various leafy green vegetables by simply adding water and mixing together in a blender. For diabetics and those who wish to prevent diabetes ruining their lives and their children’s lives a green smoothie routine is a must have diabetes prevention program.

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