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Prevent Diabetes Kids

Diabetes Control – 4 Ways To Lower Blood Sugar

Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes control

C is for… Control

It does not need to be complicated to quickly lower and control your diabetes. A basic understanding of how diabetes function is in order.

I am very observant about what I will eat. I consume only organic foods, herbs, and supplements which I determine are absolutely safe for me. Many people feel that if a product in your grocer or vitamin store is labeled “natural” that means this is an organic and chemical free product, but that is not true. The food and drug industry is permitted to use certain labels (however deceptive they may be to the consumer) to promote their products. So choosing the right supplements, herbs and foods is not a blind and buy process. You must look for the official Organic seal for truly organic foods. Look for spices and supplements that are organic as well. Some supplements that are encased in soft gel capsules may be harmful. You can control your diabetes and insulin intake based on what you consume.

Glucometers and Diabetes

You need to know your blood sugar level, in the beginning you will need to know how much insulin your body needs. You can test your blood sugar with a tool called a blood glucose meter. or glucometer. The glucometer will register just how much sugar or carbohydrates is in your blood. From this result, you can began to react based on the BGL reading. If you BGL is to high, you can start a progarm to reduce the BLG level. If it is to low, you can consume more food to raise you BGL.

Diabetes Control - Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes Control Software – Know Your Carb Count

You will evendually know by force of habit, how much of a certain food to eat with predictable results. Controlling diabetes will become natural and habitual without much thinking. I personally maintained the same diet for over a year before I started to expand and include new foods.

Diabetes Control

Whether you are a newly diagnosed diabetic or you have been living with diabetes for a long time, it is important that you know yourself better than any doctor and work to prevent the use of injecting more chemicals vs finding to provide natural control of your blood sugar levels.

How to control diabetes with food? One needs to know what impact the certain foods will have on their body. There are Starchy vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, high sugar or high Glycemic Index foods and low sugar or low carbohydrate foods.

How Eating Can Control Diabetes

Eating lots of food will likewise dramatically raise your glucose levels. Therefore, you must in direct proportion, engage in the process to reduce this increase in carbohydrate food intake levels. Let’s say for example you ate one unit of common sweets, to maintain blood sugar balance you must displace one unit of sweets. To be just a little more medically correct, you must first know how many carbohydrates the food contains (not only sweets, but all foods convert to carbohydrates) will introduce into your system so that way, you’ll know exactly how many carbs must be displaced. To control diabetes, is the control of carbohydrate or what is also known as “Carb Counting.” Read More HereDiabetes Control Tips

Carb Counting and Controlling Diabetes

One carb in, one carb out. But how much carb is in your food? A good rule of thumb is a fist size of food can typically represent 15 gram of carbs, 15 grams equals 1 carb. So if you are on a 5 carb diet, that will translate into a 75 carb limit of the amount of carbs in the foods you eat. A very detailed plan from Michigan 5 Carb Diet for Diabetics.


1 Carb is equivalent to 12 to 15 Grams weight of food.


The physical action to address or to reduce this intake of carbs might require a 5-10 minute walk to burn any access carbs and prevent a higher than normal rise in glucose levels.

Here Are 3 Quick Diabetes Control Tips
Exercise, Water and Herbs

After Meals

After you have consumed some food, your blood glucose levels will start to increase. To combat or balance this rise in your BGL you can do one or a combination of the following:

Exercise  – Simple walking or basic aerobics like jump roping or push ups can drastically control diabetes blood sugar levels. Read More About Diabetes and Aerobics Here.

Diabetes Control - Controlling Your Diabetes

Diabetes Control – Controlling Your Diabetes With Exercise

Drink Water – Drinking water will dilute concentrations of the carbohydrates in foods.

Before Eating Carb Diabetes Control Tips

Before you have consuming any food, you can do the following to control and prevent your blood sugar level from spiking to quickly:

Take Gymnema Herb This is the mother of all diabetes control herbs. Read More About Gymnema Here.

4 tips to diabetes control

G is for …Gymnema

– Eat slow release carbohydrate foods like green leafy vegetables

– Add lemon and cinnamon and sweet potato to your meals.

– Avoid starchy vegetables, HFCS (WallMart recently dropped all food products that contain this dangerous chemical), high sugar content foods.


Talk to a qualified and concerned up to date health care professional about how to manage your overall A1C blood glucose or sugar. The power to control your diabetes is in your hands. People are suffering and getting diabetes for lack of knowledge…Know yourself. Buy a glucometer and take your blood sugar to see if your diet is causing damage to your pancreas and throwing your system out of control.Three quick ways to control your diabetes without injecting insulin.

Check out my own personal experience with using the glucometer and how it helped me avoid taking to much prescribed insulin injections… Diabetes Control.

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