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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Infants and Kids –  Type 1 Diabetes

Infants and Milk - Red Alert Kids Health Book

Infants and Milk - Red Alert Kids Health Book

4-Wins Health Concious Parent

Parents, it is a known scientific fact that there is a direct link between cow’s milk and childhood diabetes.

The reason there is no television investigation of this diabetes -milk connection is the same reason there was never any undercover network news investigation of the tobacco industry over the past fifty years, while during this period, tobacco doping caused millions and millions of innocent non-vigilant citizens to be infected with cancer and all forms of respitory illness.

Conduct an internet search for “milk and diabetes” and you will receive a list of returns from even some major and respectable health journals that contain conclusive information about the ill-health of cow milk connection.

It is not the cow milk, but it is the hormones and chemicals that the commercial farmer inject and feed the cow.

These chemical man-made hormones are the rapid rise in type 1 diabetes in more and more infants.

What is the Root Cause of Infant Type 1 Diabetes?

Unless you or your doctor does exahustive research to get to the root cause of infants and milk, all medical efforts will continue to be worthless simply because you are only addressing the symptom and not the root cause of type 1 diabetes in children.

The root cause of type 1 diabetes in infants is the off the grocery shelf commercial milk that kids consume. The kids consume harmful cow’s milk, the growth fed hormones are being attacked by the human immune system. What happens during this attack on your child’s pancreas is the root cause of the rapid rise of type 1 diabetes among kids.

Off the Shelf Grocery Store Milk and Type 1 Diabetes

After consuming cow’s milk, the human immunity defense system mistakingly destroy’s pancreas cells. This destruction will cause pancreatic failure, pancreatic failure means no producton of human insulin. A completely destoyed pancreas is referred to in medical circles as Type 1, or type one diabetes.

Infants and Commercial Milk is Type 1 Diabetes

However, if your kids drank organic cow milk (milk without commercial injected chemicals and hormones) this chemical free milk is perfectly safe for your children’s health. There is nothing in organic milk that the human defense system will attack.


Commercial milk is injected with growth hormones. After your kids drink this altered milk format, these growth hormones are attacked by the human defense system mistakenly destroying pancreas cells. Learn More About 4 Wins Infants and Milk

Read health related books to your kids, Stories and Diabetes Prevention

Health Book for Kids - Preventing Diabetes

Health Book for Kids - Preventing Diabetes

“Help Our Kids Grow a Future Without Diabetes.”

Diabetes Kids Health Book

Diabetes books and stories are good to help establish morals and a stronger sense of self.
The sooner you get started reading to your kids, the quicker the transformation begins.
A Good Children’s Diabetes Book To Start
The Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy is an adventurous health related story written for young children. While the story is upbeat and written to put young children in a good mood, make them laugh and educational in that the content will discretely make kids more aware of eating habits.
Parents – Why You Need This Book
Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy – Helping Kids Avoid Diabetes
A good adventurous children’s book written specifically for kids with diabetes and with the purpose to help prevent other kids from contracting diabetes.Without actually using the word “diabetes.”  the book employs a velvet-glove and humorous approach in presenting otherwise serious topic material. However, the content cleverly illustrates a direct link between food choices and sources.  We are trying to prevent diabetes before you sit by and let your child steps off that cliff. By stepping off, I mean indiscreetly feeding your kid.

Conclusion – Parents You Can Make That Difference
It would be in your best interest to introduce a high vegetable intake diet into your life and the lives of everyone you care for. Vegetables are slow release carbohydrates, eating lots of them in place of high sugar content food help to provide needed glocuse(energy) while preventing glucose or high sugar spikes at the same time.

A First Step

This series of children books, will attempt to introduce a green diet concept to young children making them aware of the direct relationship between their food choices and food sources.  The book will also emphasize the importance of organic (chemical free) food.

The Draw Me Healthy kids health book story designed to serve as a diabetes prevention first line of defense, motivate kids to eat more veggies, and introduce a green organic concept to young children.

This is a short story, only 48 Easy-Read pages, consisting of 50/50 text to illustration.
Diabetes-Books – Kids Health Books
Diabetes-Books – Kids Health Books
After payment,  you will be directed to the instant download page.
All New!
Get three  additional electronic formats for the price of one:
– PDF Version – For Kindle, iPads, eReaders
– 3D Diabetes eBook Version – PC
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You can read more about the book here… Draw Me Healthy

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