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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Diabetes and Water – Kids Health Awareness

Every time your kid eat, have them drink water.

Everything your child eat is converted into glucose. Glucose is a natural form of sugar. The body uses glucose for many of it’s complex functions. The brain will reserve up to 75-90% of glucose for its own use.

Diabetes and Water

Diabetes and Water

Water and Diabetes
When your kids overeat–as they often do, to much glucose enters the blood stream. As we all know, exercise|playcise can help reduce excess glucose levels. But, there is another countermeasure that can help reduce blood glucose levels. Water! Water can help dilute the amount of glucose and pass that excess out the body through urination via the kidneys. Water should always accompany any snack of meal of any kind.
There is much research to support that fact about how water can help control and reduce the effects of high glucose levels that leads to or is an indicator of diabetes. By drinking more water one adds more health to their lives and less medical related doctor visits. That being said, every chance and opportunity we get, it is important to make our kids aware of the benefits of drinking more water.
Eat, Drink
It is essential that every time your kids eat, they drink water. Get as much fluids into them as possible. Not so much so as to dilute valuable necessary bodily minerals, but not so little so that sugar molecules far out weigh the water molecules. A good balance can be achieved by close observation and monitoring of ones’ blood glucose levels.



The exact amount of water to drink can be affected by weight and activity or inactivity, how much food was eaten and the type of food. As a personal rule, the more junk food eaten (junk food contains extra hidden sugar in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup HFCS this floods the body with excessive carbohydrates) the more water. The more green vegetable eaten or green smoothie intake, the less water required.

A Word of Caution on Drinking Water

As with locating clean healthy chemical free food, the same holds true for water. Large commercial corporations provide bottled water that is not as safe as claimed. Plastic, sugars and other chemical contaminates have appeared when lab tests were performed. Several years ago the largest bottled water company in Michigan was sued for simply filled it’s bottles with city tap water. Diabetes water intake is important, you want to be vigilant in selecting your diabetic water.

Arsenic and Diabetes? The latest research indicates that Arsenic levels are to high in drinking water. The research further provides evidence that arsenic in well water is causing diabetes.

Water and Symptoms

A sudden and exaggerated urge to drink lots of water could be diabetes symptoms early warning sign of high glucose levels (to much food.) Thirstiness could be one of the best early diagnosis of diabetes.

Summary – Diabetes and Water
Eat, then drink water.

The more sweets your kid eats, the more water they should drink.  For every mouth full of food, drink 6 gulps of water (my own rule of thumb) not research based. The 4 Wins Parent is ever vigilant for their kids health sake.

Resources for Your Search
Diabetes and Water

A Good Children’s Health Book
The Draw Me Healthy kids health book story designed to serve as a diabetes prevention first line of defense, motivate kids to eat more veggies, and introduce a green organic concept to young children.


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Run Tippy Run Prevent Diabetes for Kids

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