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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Diabetes and Food – Diabetes Sold on Every Corner

Fast food is convenient, it is quick to pickup, there is one near you, and they serve every kind of food to satisfy everybody’s taste.

SO, you’re on your way home after a busy day at work and you don’t feel like wasting time fixing dinner. What do you do?

It’s afternoon, you’re driving the family around on a joy ride, the kids express there hunger… you passed a brightly lit fast food sign every few minutes, how do you respond in this situation?

It’s early morning, you want breakfast, a TV commercial replay inside your head and you clearly smell and see a breakfast sandwich floating in your head. Should you fix breakfast yourself, or jump in your car and rush to the nearest corner fast-food outlet?

Diabetes and Food - Diabetes Sold on Every Corner

Diabetes and Food - Diabetes on Every Corner

The choice you make based on each situation described at the beginning of this article, will help or harm you and your family. Let’s take the first instance as described in the diabetes and food opening dialog…

You just made it home from work, it’s Friday and you don’t feel like fixing dinner… what do you do?

If you order in a pizza from your local pizza parlor, that crust is loaded with sugars, HFCS, preservatives along with the chemically saturated meats and hormones that will cause damage to your pancreas and thus make you and your family addicted to man made insulin (natural insulin that was before being created in your body for free) until you over loaded your blood supply with an overdose of carbohydrates over and over and over again. There is a direct link to diabetes and food. Read More... Dangerous Food Addatives

What happens next. you might sometimes feel fatigue, or overly thirsty at times. Maybe you and other family members notice your children are gaining weight, to much weight for their young age.

Diabetes and Food -  Prevention

P is for ...Prevention

After a visit to the family doctor it is revealed to you that your child has Type 1 diabetes and you also are diagnosed with pre-diabetic symptoms. But, not to worry your good doctor will rush to express… “their are drugs that can control the diabetes.” The doctor never emphatically state the direct relationship between food and diabetes or Type 1 diabetes and milk (due to possible legal ramifications from the pharmaceutical companies of course.) Learn More About 4 Wins Infants and Milk

Your doctor will write a prescription for your young child and see to it that the child gets a one month addicts supply of insulin, insulin needles and a glucometer.

You and your kid are on your way home, both tired. it’s late in the evening, no body feels like cooking… order another pizza… “large with 3 choices of meat, and one large liter of pancreas killer HFSC liquid, I mean soda pop.”

Diabetes and Food

Think Before Your Eat - Diabetes and Food

Summary – Diabetes and Food – Kids Health

SO, you’re not driving down to the hood buying drugs to purposely give your kids to take, no, your’re a law abiding concerned parent, you love your children and would never do anything to put them in danger. You make any sacrifice for their well being, you make your kids food junkies, you feed them BRAND NAME food poison in the name of convenience from poison food outlets with a well lite signage. Read 5 true causes of diabetes... and more here… Cause of Diabetes.

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Next Step – For Kids Sake, Don’t be Lazy!

This series of children books, will attempt to introduce a green diet concept to young children making them aware of the direct relationship between their food choices and food sources.  The book will also emphasize the importance of organic (chemical free) food.

The Draw Me Healthy kids health book story designed to serve as a diabetes prevention first line of defense, motivate kids to eat more veggies, and introduce a green organic concept to young children.
This is a short story, only 48 Easy-Read pages, consisting of 50/50 text to illustration.
Diabetes-Books – Kids Health Books
Diabetes-Books – Kids Health Books
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