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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Draw Me Green – Type 2 Diabetes in Children

There are plenty of official websites that clearly state that the medical profession has not determined the cause of type 1 diabetes.  Contrary, with the rise in prominence of the internet, there’s an equal number of convincing articles of research that refutes this claim proving a direct link between milk and diabetes.


Draw Me Green

Draw Me Green


Type 1 diabetes cause and affect?

What did suddenly cause a rapid increase in type 1 between children and more astonishingly healthy adults? I did say “healthy” as type 1 represent the total failure of the pancreas to produce the natural body insulin hormone whereas, type 2 is less damaging as it only reduce insulin output capability. Type 1 is not related to bad eating habits, at first it appeared type 1 choose its human targets randomly and indiscriminately.

If you want your children to be healthy, drink more milk, right?

Milk Health or Death?

But, recent unbiased research provides clues to what others have suspected all along… there is a direct link to what might cause type 1 diabetes! What a shocker for mothers and young children being constantly encouraged to drink more milk.  But is the milk healthy? Does commercial produced milk pose a health threat?

Is hormone treated cow’s milk causing type 1 diabetes?

To make the cows fat for greater profits commercial food producers have unleashed various health threatening chemicals to the human body. Several years ago, a similar disconcerting pattern unveiled an equal dangerous health and environmental threat in every state of the union; farmers deliberately using PCPs to fatten cows for years until a whistle blower secretly provided irrefutable evidence (strangely,  television networks remained mute and never sought to expose the health threats before or after the incident. Likewise, local regulatory agencies turned a blink eye with the infamous wink-wink knowing your families were are risk. Are we witnessing a repeat of “silence of the lambs” with cow milk?

Are you putting family and or your future un-born children at risk?

Learn more here about type 1 diabetes in children… Milk and Diabetes.

Invest the time to search for a well sincere, qualified medical practitioner that is up to date with current diabetes related research.

Help Prevent Diabetes in Children

Draw Me Green

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