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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

How Can You Prevent Diabetes – Green Plants?

Chlorophyll and Diabetes

How to prevent diabetes. the relationship between sickness and green foods are very direct. People who consume lots of green foods have less health problems and age slower.

What is Chlorophyll?

Molecules/Pigments! What are pigments? Chemical molecules/compounds found in plants.

Botanically Speaking  – Sunlight In, Green Out

Chlorophyll (a molecule found in green plants) appears green because of the molecular function of the molecule; reflecting certain light wavelengths in the light spectrum.

Chlorophyll is also a compound molecule that absorbs sunlight. This absorption is known as photosynthesis (converting sun light to energy in green plants).  We absorb oxygen energy of chlorophyll when we eat green plants.

To the naked eye, because of a great abundance of chlorophyll pigments a plant appears dark green.

Benefits of Chlorophyll?

By eating green foods, your body absorbs more oxygen and which provides the human body the capacity to reverse, and stop the advancement of disease. Green plants such as vegetables, particularly chlorella, and spirulina, are the only known substances that are unmatched in increasing oxygen levels (prevent disease) and provide the direct sunlight of plant nutrients to the human body. More importantly to know is that any man-made supplements do not come even close to natures own plants nutrient levels. Can green foods prevent diabetes?

How to Prevent Diabetes – Green Plants and Diabetes

How can you prevent diabetes? More green plants, less illness including diabetes. Learn more here… Drinking Green Helps Prevent Diabetes.

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