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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Botanical Treatment for Diabetes Prevention

Prevention is the Solution

It is better to prevent than to not. This logic applies to almost every circumstance or situation. It is almost certain to be applicable to health and illness prevention.

It is less time consuming to prevent than to not.

It is less costly to prevent then to address the alternate consequences.

It is better to pay more for organic (chemical free) food than pay for medications and re-occurring doctor visits.

It is better to take extra time traveling to get safe foods than the time it takes to go to the doctor which may could have been prevented all together.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Diabetes

Botanical Treatment


Botanical Herbs, Illness and Long Life

An interesting story appeared in a National Geographic article titled “The Secrets of Long Life” published in 2005.

The article analyzes several  living habits and life span of several remote societies. Interestingly some of the inhabitants being interviewed accredited their life of good health and longevity to taking a preventive approach to maintaining their health vs reactionary.

More With Less

It is further discovered that the medical network of these third world societies do not consist of large conglomerates of sophisticate primary care physicians, expensive quarter million dollar financed medical degrees or high tech produced pharmaceutical personnel wearing brightly decorated impressive white lab coats. Still, combine all that with humongous federal inspections, towers of regulations, official looking seals of approval to numerous to count.

On the contrary, these rather simple societies seem to have achieved a level of health care that all the kings money and all the kings medical men could not bring health to their many civilized citizens.

Better Health, Less Pomp!

Even more astounding is that it was discovered that these third world centurion societies  medical care consists of only a small scarcely filled cabinet referred to as the “cabinet of preventive medicine”; stocked with only a few choice botanical herbs.

Did I just say that the longest living societies on earth do not required a huge medical network of sophisticated, expensive, institutions of higher learning, research backed corporate studies, fleets of well educated doctors, have better health than the most advanced “civilized nations” of the whole world?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Question Your Self – What Are We Missing?

Have we been brainwashed? Are we seeing? Are you woke? Botanical Treatment for Diabetes Prevention?

Prevention vs Treatment

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