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Average Blood Glucose Levels – Diabetes A1c Average

What Is the average blood glucose level?

The 3 months blood glucose average is between 70 and 120. Any higher or lower could represent your eating habits need to be adjusted.  Additionally, any wide variations from these average norms may also be a hint of pancreas malfunction.

What is A1C?

A1C— is an average of all your blood sugar readings. A mathematical sum that represent how much glucose is in the blood stream. The A1c  goal is a figure that averages less than 7%.

There are appx 3 methods used to calculate your A1c, you do not need to wait for a physician to provide this information. If you test your blood sugar on a regular bases, just extract the meter readings and perform your own computations, you can do this yourself.

You obtain your average blood glucose level (BGL) reading from your glucometer. How to compute your A1c; learn more here (3 methods)… Blood Glucose Level.

What is Glucose?

In short, glucose is energy cells of the body, it is a by product of what you eat. Everything you eat is converted into energy called glucose. The body need glucose energy, but to much glucose that average higher than typically safety norms, can be unhealthy.

Hormones made in the body called insulin and glucagon help to control blood glucose levels.

High Carbohydrates

You should only eat approximately 15 Carbs per meal. If you eat more, then you create an excess of glucose/sugar in your blood supply. This affects the pancreas and other vital organs. Don’t eat yourself into getting diabetes simply because marketing and advertising male diabetes look good and taste good

There should be a glucose level of carbohydrate energy balance in your blood supply. Eat to little carbohydrates will produce to little glucose/sugar levels, and the body and brain will suffer as a result. To many carbohydrates (from over eating such as consuming half a pizza or even two full slices of bread ) will over saturate the blood supply with high levels of glucose energy.

Normal Blood Glucose Levels and the Pancreas

The pancreas is very instrumental in regulating blood glucose in the blood supply. Your pancreas generate insulin/hormones to self regulate sugar glucose levels. As insulin is secreted into the bloodstream the liver interacts to the quantity of blood glucose and will cease glucose production to prevent a glucose overload. Learn more about the pancreas and blood sugar levels here.

Reduce High Glucose Levels Fast

If you over eat, be proactive by performing in a quick session of physical activity; walk, jog, squat, jumping jack, skip rope, push-ups, walk the stairs, anything. Learn more here… High Glucose Levels.

Incorporate green veggies of all kinds for food intake, green leafy veggies in particular. Green vegetables have almost zero carbohydrates yet provide good energy for the body and brain, and they also SLOWLY release carbohydrates into your blood stream. It is important to maintain normal sugar levels.

Average Blood Glucose Levels

Average Blood Glucose Levels


A1c and BGL Variations?

There are variables that can produce unpredictable A1c results such as pre-diabetes, type1, weight and extremes straying from normal eating routine.

Carbohydrates Defined

Carbohydrate and normal blood sugar levels—All foods are Carbohydrates, carbohydrates are sugars often referred to as simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates consist of starches derived from eating such things as breads and pasta. Using insulin supplied by the pancreas, the body takes all carbohydrates and converts them into energy or glucose.

What Affects Normal Blood Sugar Levels?

This debate over excessive high blood sugar levels and daily sugar intake in relation to diabetes is beyond the experimental stage. High sugar content foods are a major cause of diabetes. Learn more here… Sugar Intake and Diabetes.

The high consumption of sugar is the major reason for most individuals experiencing higher than normal blood sugar levels. The normal intake of sugar combined with High Fructose Corn Syrup as a hidden sugar additive placed into the food supply forces normal blood sugar levels far above a healthy range, thus causing a subsequent increase in type 2 diabetes and pushing more healthy persons into a pre-diabetes condition, destroying the pancreas in the process.

Resources for Blood Glucose Average

UM Hemaglobin A1c Factsheet

USFC Diabetes Education Online

Sooo, as always…

Invest the time to search for a well sincere, qualified medical practitioner that is up to date with current diabetes related research.

Always eat at least 50% Organic Chemical-Free veggies  with each meal

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