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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Diabetes and African American Children
Vision – Future children without diabetes

“Thereafter, we will establish a sustainable health prevention framework for future generations.” —ThirdSon

Research Statistics
The latest research indicates children with diabetes type 2 and type 1 (sometimes called adult-onset diabetes or juvenile diabetes) is on an acute upward rise in every age group in every nation. In the United States a twenty-percent increase in diabetes is expected by the year 2020 if present trends continue—with type 1 diabetics are expected to double. By changing the diet, African American children can prevent diabetes. They can set a new standard for other communities to follow. Read… Diabetes Prevention
Diet. It is further predicted, that the silent diabetes epidemic sweeping the globe has the potential to inflict severe financial hardship on entire nations. However, due to our unhealthy eating habits and addition to fast-foods, we in the United States are one nation being hit hardest; diabetes in African American communities need not exist—grow your own organic vegetables! Read4-Basics of Diabetes Prevention.

In addition, the latest CDC statistics published in the NY Times this week showed that over 70 million people in the United States suffer from food related illnesses each year, of which 300,000 are hospitalized, and another 5,000 actually die from food delivered to your local grocery market. The things now being served on the dinner table and fast-food establishments must all come under close scrutiny. Some of these foods and chemicals in the foods are under suspect to be the cause the rapid rise diabetes—particularly type 1 diabetes. Children can avoid diabetes.

Eliminating Diabetes In 24 Months
You, we, as of this moment, will tell children stories (planting new seeds in our kids mind )that will encourage them to eat organic green veggies. You will write new children books, every household should have their own books of good health related stories to share and read during the day and as bedtimes stories to their children. Read Prevention 360

diabetes prevention diet

Diabetes Prevention Diet – Health Story for Kids

Diabetes in African American communities need not exist—grow your own vegetables! Read Eat more vegetables.

Learn more Diabetes Prevention Tips

Public interest in HFCS is reflected in the graphics shown below; the graph also reveals some high-points in the HFCS introductions.  Such as by rolling your mouse over the “B” letter you will see an attempt was reflected to change the name of HFCS. This covert effort substantiates the belief about how the food industry uses deceptive marketing tactics to deceive the consumer.

HFCS Statistics and Milestones

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