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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Children and Diabetes – Eating Junk Food and Diabetes
Eating Junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for every meal is harmful.

Children and Diabetes – Eating Junk Food and Diabetes
Eating Junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for every meal is harmful.  Fast foods are latent with all kinds of hormones and chemical food additives.   It is important to prevent excessive carbohydrates levels from entering the blood supply.  Pizza for instance is very high in carbohydrates, so over indulging in this favorite food can over load the blood supply with excessive glucose levels.

Fast Food and Diabetes?
In addition to triggering type 2 diabetes, high glucose levels can be eventually become detrimental to not only the pancreas and other vital organs in the human body such as the liver, kidney and spleen.  As you can readily see, diabetes and fast foods has become synonymous as being a major contributor of high blood glucose levels …Read More Here

Diabetes and Soft Drinks
Secondly, Fast food soft drinks contain excessive amounts of calories, sugars, sodium and harmful fats. Sodas and diabetes is synonymous.

Is Media The Blame?
An ten fold increase in media junk food advertising has exploded the consumption of fast foods. The sudden degradations of children and adults is in directly parallel with the increased consumption of junk foods over the past several decades.

Health Risk Of Junk Foods
New information about eating fast foods and it negative health effects continue to pour in. Junk food offers our youth proven health risk. Your health can suffer from any number of illnesses, from an increase in obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease along with potential damage to other vital organs of the human body such as the pancreas of which determines if you get diabetes.

Summary – Diabetes and Eating Junk Food
It is beyond a shadow of doubt about how junk foods are causing type 1 and type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes is triggered from cow’s milk and other food related chemicals. However, once a diabetic, you become addicted to animal injected or ingested artificial insulin, which in turn increase a desire to eat more food and thus induce weight gain.

Eating Junk Food - Fast Food and Diabetes

The Earth Will Help Us Heal If We Listen To Its Silent Message

Recommended Reading – Health Book Online
A good health related book for your kids to read is,
Read Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy – Diabetes Health Children’s Book

Kids Can Read the Book Online Free At DayStarBooks.Com

Where To Buy
Parents can purchase the book direct from the publisher $6.50.
Or, purchase from Amazon $12.15

TV Commercials?
How? About those beautiful TV commercials always showing kids having lots of fun eating lots of brand name, tasty fast food and drinking white liquid sugar sweet chemical filled sodas?

Making Diabetes Taste Good
See what’s really in that fast food being advertised on TV… (BlackLight Food Droid.)

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