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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Water and Diabetes Prevention

As A Man Drink…

Drinking pure water and diabetes prevention is better achieve when we provide our bodies clean healthy water. We help our bodies flood and dilute excess carbohydrates by drinking more water; each time we get the urge to eat… we then should pause, reflect and drink.

Before, during and after we eat… drink!

Before you eat, drink.

Think of drinking water when you think of eating.

Eat drink, eat drink, eat drink!

The mind is programmable, habits are controlled by repeated and sustained inputs into the mind. You control your thoughts. Learn more here… Eat and Drink Water and Diabetes Prevention.

Diabetes and Water

Diabetes and Water

Water is essential to you preventing diabetes. It is imperative that your children and grandkids get pure, clean drinking water. All water is not clean and pure; but drinking good water is a major part of maintaining good health… Learn more here; this is an extended article on the subject of Diabetes and Water.


1- Take a look at the Berky Water Purifier; remove impurities, but retains nutrients. Unlike other purifiers which removes nutrients.

2 – Look into a good food emulsifier like the LifeMaster sponsored by Montel Williams. I currently use a standard blender for making my green smoothies, but I’m quite impressed with this product.


It’s made of hard plastic NOT glass. Plastic releases BHA into the water, particularly rigid, hard plastic.

3 – I’m also purchasing the VioLive violet glass water bottle; helps filter out all light waves that is harmful to water. Plastic containers react with sunlight and release the chemical BHA into the water. BHA creates some serious health risks, cancer, diabetes to name a couple.

Most city and store bought water contains a chemical called Atrazine. Resent research has concluded that it is Atrazine(a herbicide used on your lawn to kill weeds) is associated with causing accelerated puberty in US children. Learn more at… Living Downstream a most powerful presentation on the hidden truth about your drinking water! This is a must read drinking water article.

Again, more about Drinking Water and Industry Pollution; Learn more at the Huffington Post… a weekly blog from Steingraber(author of Living Downstream). Cancer causing drinking water.

Diabetes Book - Diabetes Health Books

Help Draw Our Kids Future Without Diabetes

Diabetes Book
Diabetes Prevention Read more here…How to Prevent Diabetes in Diabetes Prevention
Diabetes and Children Health Links:

Diabetes book for Children Health Book for Kids Health Book for Kids

run tippy run
Run Tippy Run
In Draw Me Healthy gOne is super fast and hyper-energetic character. gOne has always followed the advice of his elders and eat’s only green veggies. He grows organic veggies for himself and never eat anything provided from strangers.gOne explains to Tippy that other goslings that break from tradition, eat all kinds of sweet foods they obtain from other creatures in the forest, these goslings are always sick and ill. Direct From PublisherDayStarBooks $6.50.

Book Version 
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Run Tippy Run

Kindle version
Run Tippy Run Only $2.99

The Draw Me Healthy kids health book story designed to serve as a diabetes prevention first line of defense, motivate kids to eat more veggies, and introduce a green organic concept to young children.This is a short story, only 48 Easy-Read pages, consisting of 50/50 text to illustration.


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