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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

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Diabetes – Death, Disease, Decay – Sitting       Death Disease Decay by sitting! Diabetes Prevention Is to much sitting deadly to your health? Latest Research Here…Sitting and your health.  

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Thinking Green – Defeat Diabetes As A Person Think, Think Green… Thinking Green Drink pure organic green smoothies and diabetes is prevented. Drink one in the morning, afternoon and drink one or two green smoothies in the evening. We flood our bodies with slow release carbohydrates by drinking green leafy vegetables; collards, kale, spinach, broccoli […]

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Water and Diabetes Prevention As A Man Drink… Drinking pure water and diabetes prevention is better achieve when we provide our bodies clean healthy water. We help our bodies flood and dilute excess carbohydrates by drinking more water; each time we get the urge to eat… we then should pause, reflect and drink. Before, during […]

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Physical Activity and Diabetes Prevention As A Man Think… Physical activity and diabetes prevention is attained when we reprogram our minds. We reprogram our minds by linking habits to thinking; each time we get the urge to eat… we then should pause, reflect and think. Urge to eat… stop and think! Before you eat, think. […]

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Diabetes Prevention Diet Diet is Health or Death Everything you eat is converted into carbohydrates or energy that will be utilized in various bodily functions. The brain is an energy hog, it selfishly consumes about seventy five percent of that converted food energy for it’s own personal use. SO; everything, I mean everything we eat […]


Diabetes Prevention in Children Tips

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2 Things To Do After Every Meal – Diabetes Prevention Eat – Playcise Eat – Drink Water After eating the body starts to covert all the food into carbohydrates (carbs.) If you have over eaten, there will be excessive carbs also called glucose that will find it’s way into the blood supply. It is those […]

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