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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Diabetes and Children – Type 1 Diabetes and Cow’s Milk
The food industry is well aware of the ill effects of chemical poisons they place in our food. In Michgan farmers purposely feed their cows known human hazard restricted chemicals. The reason is the same reason farmers all over the U.S. inject the cows with various chemicals — to fatten the cow for profits. This is customary in a culture that has proven over time to place profits above public health. The food industry is poisoning the cows and this poison is passed on to your children thus causing an increase in Type 1 diabetes. Read more about cow milk here…

This diabetes type 1 debate has been ongoing since the early 1980’s.  It’s always strange to me to observe how industry experts can always muster up scientific data to support their positions. The tobacco industry was successful at this “poisioning of Americans” for many decades. The Michigan farmers I mentioned earlier got off with not even a slap on the wrist–those poor farmers didn’t even know the PCP’s were poison they claimed. A football player can get railroaded to jail yet the food industry gets nothing but a wink and a warning while churnning out poision to our dinner tables in wholesale quantities.

Children and Diabetes – Milk and Health
Our dairy herds are infected. Our meats infected. Our dinner tables are poisoned. Our children are contracting type 1 diabetes in alarming as a result. Children and diabetes is synonymous with cow’s milk. It has always been the little man against the giant corporation in the US.

A Failed and Dangerous US Food Industry – Danger To Your Health
Despite the food industries claim to having the best food supply in the whole-wide -world. Other industrialized world economies do not welcome our home grown beef. Other world economies do not wish to import our dairy products. Only the down trodden countries  welcomes U.S. food into their country.

Run Tippy Run gOne and 5 Finger Creatures - Diabetes
gOne Describes the 5 Finger Creatures That Supply Poison Foods

…to be continued tomorrow

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How? About those beautiful TV commercials always showing kids having lots of fun eating lots of brand name, tasty fast food and drinking white liquid sugar sweet chemical filled sodas?

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See what’s really in that food being advertised on TV… (BlackLight Food Droid.)

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