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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

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Children and Diabetes Preventing Type 1 The Purpose, Is Prevention: Before commercialized food, diabetes did not exists. diabetes does not exists in the animal kingdom (only in lab rats the are fed HFCS as part of their diet–the lab rats gain weight, contract diabetes then die of health complications.)  The reason for the sharp rise […]

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2 Things To Do After Every Meal – Diabetes Prevention Eat – Playcise Eat – Drink Water After eating the body starts to covert all the food into carbohydrates (carbs.) If you have over eaten, there will be excessive carbs also called glucose that will find it’s way into the blood supply. It is those […]

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New Diabetes Book For Kids – Organic Eating Run Tippy Run is a new diabetes book to help get kids motivated to eat more organic and healthy meals. It’s time to begin launching a lot more of similar  children narrative publications like Popeye the Sailor Man to assist in the fight against the TV commercials […]

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Children and Diabetes – Is Gymnema The Herbs For Diabetes? Gymnema Sylvestre Diabetes Overview The Gymnema Herb is not a new product, it is not manufactured in a drug lab. If someone told you there was a herb or vitamin that can help reduce your blood glucose levels, would you be interested? If someone told […]


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Blood Sugar and Insulin – Children and Diabetes Is There A Direct Link Between High Blood Sugar and Insulin Usage? Prior to fast food mass production, disease diabetes represented only a frature of medical diagnosis.  However, since the introduction of mass produced food, HFCS, and fast food, great numbers of diabetic cases has exploded in the […]

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Children and Diabetes – Alternative Treatment For Diabetes Diabetes Natural Cures? Herbs, Gymnema The Gymnema herb is an possible alternative herbal treatment or approach that can may help reduce insuline injections for diabetic of both type 1 and type 2.  Alternative Treatment For Diabetes? The Gymnema Herb  has been demonstrated in clinical studies to block 30 […]

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Diabetes and Supplements – A Safer Alternative  To Insulin? Gymnema and  Insulin Gymnema is a supplement that can help reduce diabetics higher than normal levels of glucose. The gymnema herb is proving more beneficial, safer and less damaging to treating diabetes and the pancreas. Cure For Diabetes Herbal? If your child has recently been diagnosed with […]

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