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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

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Draw Me Green – Type 2 Diabetes in Children There are plenty of official websites that clearly state that the medical profession has not determined the cause of type 1 diabetes.  Contrary, with the rise in prominence of the internet, there’s an equal number of convincing articles of research that refutes this claim proving a direct […]

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Physical Activity and Diabetes Prevention As A Man Think… Physical activity and diabetes prevention is attained when we reprogram our minds. We reprogram our minds by linking habits to thinking; each time we get the urge to eat… we then should pause, reflect and think. Urge to eat… stop and think! Before you eat, think. […]

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What Causes Type 1 Diabetes – Two Causes to Watch First, let’s clarify the two main types of diabetes… Type 2 Diabetes is caused by excessive glucose levels in the blood supply. Over eating and eating white processed foods such as white sugar, white flour and High Fructose Corn Syrup will saturate the blood supply […]

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Children and Diabetes Preventing Type 1 The Purpose, Is Prevention: Before commercialized food, diabetes did not exists. diabetes does not exists in the animal kingdom (only in lab rats the are fed HFCS as part of their diet–the lab rats gain weight, contract diabetes then die of health complications.)  The reason for the sharp rise […]

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Ways to Prevent Diabetes – 4 Basics Learn More About; Diabetes Prevention 360 Diabetes 4Wins Big4 Prevention   You can  Prevent Diabetes: Since the introduction of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) additives, beef feed hormones, and other chemicals put into the food supply over thirty years ago, *the increase of diabetics has kept pace in […]


Vegetables and Diabetes – Help Against Type 2? “50% Vegetables,  50% Other & Water – No Diabetes!” Every morning for the past two years I have blended a green organic vegetable smoothie. I drink one to two 8 oz glasses; some people refer to this type of green drink as “drinking raw.” Green smoothies are […]

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Diabetes and Food – Diabetes Sold on Every Corner Fast food is convenient, it is quick to pickup, there is one near you, and they serve every kind of food to satisfy everybody’s taste. SO, you’re on your way home after a busy day at work and you don’t feel like wasting time fixing dinner. […]


Preventing Diabetes in Kids – The Food You Eat A decision no matter how small, will branch into eternal consequences. — ThirdSon & the River’s Sky The gOne Raw Diet Cure For Type 1 Diabetes An Alternative to Injecting Insulin?Help our children draw their future without diabetes. OverviewThis gOne Diet has allowed me to stop […]

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A Kids Book About Diabetes – A Dog Saves His Town From Diabetes Tippy like any other dog, is proven to be man’s best friend. Tippy is on a personal mission to cure his town of PencilVille from a new and mysterious illness that has everyone feeling sluggish. The illness has all the children experiencing tooth […]


  How To Stop Diabetes, Is To First Know What Is Diabetes Philosophically speaking diabetes is… Sweets lead to childhood situations, the craving of sweet, bring health complication. From baby bottle, to dinner table, …evil, make diabetes taste good. Four Domains of Diabetes Prevention The complexities of diabetes made simple. A balance between the four […]

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