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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Diabetes and African Americans – Eliminated Diabetes In 24 Months
Fostering Community – Immediate Results
All children (from ages two on up) will get to listen and all receive a chance to participate in story telling process. I am amazed at my imaginative grand daughter’s injections into a story-I’m telling and in fact making the story a little better.

You will have weekly story telling competitions for the youngsters (100 dollar prize – any group of adults can provide the prize money for the kids.) That competition escalates from within the family, to the family reunions, hold community and city competitions, then state level $1000 prize, culminating with a national story telling contest $100-10,000.

In Conclusion
Years ago I erected a large greenhouse and began to grow garden plants and flowers. I was amazed to learn that if even just one of the twelve nutrients were missing from the plant feeding program, how deformed the final plant product would turn out. Diabetes and African Americans will be a thing of the past before the end of 2011.

Diabetes and African Americans Solution
The New Priority  – African American Childrens Health
This is why with urgency I say the following…
You will rid your communities of diabetes in 24 months.

You will accomplish this goal by:
 – immediately stop eating poison foods from the grocery store.
 – following the g-One diabetic diet (help repair damaged pancreas.)
 – second, writing your own books and telling and reading stories to your kids, especially at bedtime. Read about the power of stories here. If you don’t have a children’s’ diabetes book to start with, you can use the one I created called Run Tippy Run – Draw Me Healthy.

It would be in your best interest to introduce a high vegetable intake diet into your life and the lives of everyone you care for. Vegetables are slow release carbohydrates, eating lots of them in place of high sugar content food help to provide needed glocuse(energy) while preventing glucose or high sugar spikes at the same time. The diabetic solution, Go back to eating lots of greens like your ancestors did.

Recommended Reading
Read Run Tippy Run – Diabetes Health Series
A Children’s Health Related Situation-Awareness Story

Purchase the book direct from the publisher $6.50.
Or, purchase from Amazon $12.15 

See what’s really in that food being advertised on TV… (BlackLight Food Droid.)

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