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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Monthly Archives: December 2011

Diabetes and Water – Kids Health Awareness Every time your kid eat, have them drink water. Everything your child eat is converted into glucose. Glucose is a natural form of sugar. The body uses glucose for many of it’s complex functions. The brain will reserve up to 75-90% of glucose for its own use. Water […]

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Infants and Kids –  Type 1 Diabetes 4-Wins Health Concious Parent Parents, it is a known scientific fact that there is a direct link between cow’s milk and childhood diabetes. The reason there is no television investigation of this diabetes -milk connection is the same reason there was never any undercover network news investigation of […]

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Preventing Diabetes in Kids – The Food You Eat A decision no matter how small, will branch into eternal consequences. — ThirdSon & the River’s Sky The gOne Raw Diet Cure For Type 1 Diabetes An Alternative to Injecting Insulin?Help our children draw their future without diabetes. OverviewThis gOne Diet has allowed me to stop […]

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A Kids Book About Diabetes – A Dog Saves His Town From Diabetes Tippy like any other dog, is proven to be man’s best friend. Tippy is on a personal mission to cure his town of PencilVille from a new and mysterious illness that has everyone feeling sluggish. The illness has all the children experiencing tooth […]


Your Kids Health and the Main Benefit of Organic Food Organic foods(foods without chemicals) are grown organically no herbicides to kill weeds or pesticides to kill insects. Commercial foods are sprayed with chemicals. Man made chemicals enter into the food and during consumption is passed into the human body. As a result, every illness known […]

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