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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

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Water and Diabetes Drinking water prevents diabetes “Even professional medical websites will confirm that by drinking certain amounts of water, is an effective and proven method to reduce glucose levels.”   Water works wonders (Drink 8-10 glasses a day). The more water you drink, the lower your blood sugar. Glucose levels are lower based on the amount of water […]


Drinking Green – Helps Prevent Diabetes Can Drinking Green Help Prevent Diabetes? The latest clinical studies  strongly support that the most green leafy vegetables that are consumed the better a diabetic person’s health… vegetables, it seems are one of the best diabetic foods for a diabetic to eat. g-One How Does A Diabetic Get More […]

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Prevent Diabetes in Children – Health First, Taste Second Are You Transferring Diabetes To Your Un-Born? Prospective mothers and fathers please consider the junk food you eat. A recent study claimed that Junk food could be passing on diabetes to your to-be-born children. Learn more here prevent diabetes in children… Make Diabetes Taste Good.  Just because […]

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Eat Green, Better Health – Prevent Diabetes in Children Green for breakfast, green for lunch, green for dinner, and green for snack. Drinking green spinach, green collards, green kale, green dandelion. Green celery, green cucumber, green lettuce, green broccoli, greens in the morning, greens in the evening, greens all day long. Eat more green for […]

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Diabetes and Children – Diabetes Book The Power of First Impressions is well demonstrated in an old childrens’ s story titled… “The Tale of Two Paths.” In this story ,it turns out that the beautiful stairway did not lead to heaven, on the contrary, the old and rambling stairway however unappeasing, was the correct path to salvation. Such […]