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Diabetes Prevention Kids

Prevent Diabetes Kids

Monthly Archives: May 2012

Children and Diabetes Preventing Type 1 The Purpose, Is Prevention: Before commercialized food, diabetes did not exists. diabetes does not exists in the animal kingdom (only in lab rats the are fed HFCS as part of their diet–the lab rats gain weight, contract diabetes then die of health complications.)  The reason for the sharp rise […]

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2 Things To Do After Every Meal – Diabetes Prevention Eat – Playcise Eat – Drink Water After eating the body starts to covert all the food into carbohydrates (carbs.) If you have over eaten, there will be excessive carbs also called glucose that will find it’s way into the blood supply. It is those […]

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Ways to Prevent Diabetes – 4 Basics Learn More About; Diabetes Prevention 360 Diabetes 4Wins Big4 Prevention   You can  Prevent Diabetes: Since the introduction of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) additives, beef feed hormones, and other chemicals put into the food supply over thirty years ago, *the increase of diabetics has kept pace in […]


Preventive Measures for Diabetes – Children The future health of your children are at stake. The future of your children are being decided with every bite of food, with every soft drink, with every stop at a fast food corner, with a visit at every grocery store. Diabetes avoidance begins with food choices; the wrong food […]